Any device can be your best Pal, thanks to our Pal Labs chips!
From kitchen appliances to self-driving cars to your dog, your everyday companions can be upgraded to new levels.
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Pal Smart Appliances
Wake up from your kitchen nightmares and make your culinary dreams come true with our smart appliances. They do all the cooking and cleaning so you can focus on the eating and drinking.
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Pal Drive
We know you’ve had those moments mid-commute when you call out into the abyss, “Higher power, take the wheel.” And that higher power is like, “*crickets*” Well, here we are to steer you home safe and sound, so you can focus on other things on your drive, like learning that new TikTok dance or clipping your nails.
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Pal PetSpeak
Sure, Fido has mastered “sit,” “stay,” and “high five”, but how about “speak”? Now, you can finally learn what’s going on in that big cute brain of his (or hers!). Sorry, not for use on cats. They don’t have anything nice to say.

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